We at Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool know that when it comes to kitchen appliances, you want the best looking, most functional and best priced for your home. We have some new appliances from Siemens we really think you should know about! 

Siemens is a German company that produces the highest quality kitchen appliances. 

‘Taking everyday activities and transforming them into extraordinary moments. From award-winning design and an unmatched user-experience to intuitive features and smart technologies, Siemens Home Appliances inspire a new way of living. See this put to practice in the Siemens Showrooms and events, and step inside the homes of architects and designers that speak the Siemens design language. Experience home appliances that not only transform your home but your life. And be inspired.’ – Siemens 

Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool supply and install a range of Siemens appliances, we have picked through hundreds of products and have come up with 3 we think you need to know about! 

Dual-Cook Oven – Siemens @ Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool

Siemens has released an innovative oven design that allows you to cooks at two different temperatures at the same time – The Dual Cook Flex. No longer do you have to worry about cooking that Christmas dinner and burning the sprouts whilst simultaneously undercooking the turkey! The gorgeous polished silver appearance will blend with any kitchen, whilst the duo oven doors will allow easy functionality, perfect for any home. 

Bonus Feature: Whilst you are cooking two items at the same time, the smell doesn’t transfer from one oven to the other! Making fish for tea and cupcakes for afters? No problem! Ventilation technology and clever design means this Dual-Cook Flex oven is perfect for the busy house hold. 

Family Hub Fridge Freezer – Siemens @ Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool

Ever wondered what the future would be like? Everything a touch screen, voice controlled and easy to use, well your living in it! 

This family hub fridge freezer is a clever fusion of innovative technology and slick design, that will fit seamlessly into your home. A Wi-Fi enabled LCD touchscreen built into the door means you can write shopping lists, plan meals, leave notes and track expiry dates on products inside your fridge. 

Bonus Features: With its built-in camera, it allows you to see what is inside your fridge without even opening it, better yet you can access this from your phone, so if you forget what you need whilst you’re out shopping, you can have a quick peek what’s left inside! The Family Hub Fridge Freezer is also voice controlled, using an Alexa-style fumction and responds to your questions! 

Virtual Flame Hob – Siemens @ Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool

The virtual flame hob has got us all talking. LED lighting glows like a real gas flame to show that it is turned on, giving you a more precise way to cook. The ‘Keep Warm’ button is brilliant for when you’re preparing several dishes or serving up, as it lets you keep your food at the perfect temperature without over-cooking. There’s also a ‘Quick Start’ button which immediately increases the power level from 0-15 in a matter of seconds – perfect if you want to whip up something tasty quickly.

Bonus Feature: It’s completely safe as it heats and cools almost instantly, meaning no worries when your little ones are hanging around!

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