New year, new you… new kitchen? 

As 2019 commences, we’re looking forward to a whole new year of creative styles in appliance design. As appliances improve by leaps and bounds each year, keep up with the trends and make sure your kitchen has the ‘wow’ factor! 


1. Black Stainless Steel 

The reign of plain old stainless is over and black stainless is here to take its place.

Though stainless steel appliances have been a mainstay in American kitchens for the past decade, some appliance shoppers have found the look cold and uninviting, and all that shiny metal that once looked so futuristic is starting to seem dated. Regardless of your feelings on stainless steel, with the passage of time comes the changing of fashion, and now the warm, bold look of black stainless is all the rage. This trend is just starting to pick up steam and will likely continue full force into 2019 and beyond. So, if you’re thinking of updating your kitchen appliances soon, don’t get left behind in the land of plain old stainless steel, and start building your gorgeous black stainless collection.


2. Reimagined Ovens 

The old bottom-hinge oven door is so over. Instead of hunching and reaching and hoping your oven door doesn’t swing shut on your hands, several brands are reimagining the traditional wall oven. Side opening ovens by Bosch and French door ovens by GE are taking center stage in a major way, and for good reason. Not only are they easier to use — especially for people in wheelchairs or with coordination problems — they also look sleek and gorgeous. As more and more brands are releasing French door ovens designed for home use, we expect this trend to take over the market big time this year.


 3. Smart Appliances 

Leave those old analog appliances in the past! 2019 is the year of smart everything, and that includes your appliances.

Nearly every major appliance brand on the market has at least one smart model available, and we only expect that number to grow. Now, you can control your appliances from across the house with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or while away from home with your smartphone. Who doesn’t want to get work done around the house more easily? Connected appliances make mealtime, cleanup, and everyday living simple, and now that the smart appliance train has left the station, it’ll be full speed ahead all through 2019.

4. Under-the-Counter Appliances 

Home design and appliance design trends are often closely connected, and perhaps the best example of that principle this year is the popularity of under-counter appliances. One of the biggest trends in kitchen design this past year is minimizing – or even eliminating – upper cabinets. As that trend gains popularity, appliances are adapting to match.

Under-counter fridges are becoming a popular choice to complement a regular fridge, and microwaves can often be found built-in beneath an island countertop rather than up above. As a result of this trend, drawer appliances are also having their day in the sun this year – you can get microwaves, refrigerators, and even dishwashers in built-in, drawer form.

5. Column Refrigeration 

It’s all about custom this year, and column fridge freezers are just another way homeowners are being empowered to have their homes their way. With column refrigeration, you can mix and match your fridge and freezer, add extra fridge space if you need it, and design your cooling appliances to blend seamlessly with the rest of your cabinets. Column fridges also typically come complete with all the latest refrigeration technology, like odor seal, temperature zones, and so much more. The tech – and the designs – will just keep getting better in 2019, so keep an eye on the latest models as they’re released.


Don’t miss out on this years trends, have a look at our appliances page and get your perfect kitchen started!