Robert Pallant Designs provide the best worktops on the market, partnering with Corian, we supply stunning worktops that are highly hygienic with a beautiful design.

‘With Corian® solid surface, you get the ultimate freedom of expression in kitchen design, combining enduring beauty with valuable functionality.

Effortless Beauty

Corian® solid surface is easy to clean, and is NSF/ANSI 51 Certified for food contact. Because Corian® is nonporous, stains do not penetrate the surface. With proper cleaning, Corian® also resists the growth of mould, mildew, and bacteria.

Seamless Appearance

Further high-performing Corian® products, such as sinks and backsplashes, can be perfectly integrated to create the sleek appearance of a single, solid surface. With a coved backsplash, there are no traps to collect dirt and moisture. Corian® also works brilliantly together with such materials as stainless steel, wood, and glass.’ – Corian®

Taking care of your Corian could not be easier, following these simple steps below means your Robert Pallant Designs kitchen will look newer for longer and keep it clean and hygienic for you and your family.