Robert Pallant Designs are celebrating St. George’s Day today by showing you how you can have your own traditional British inspired kitchen!

When thinking of traditional British kitchens, we automatically think of the old Georgian kitchen, built between 1714 and 1830, distinguished by their thoughtful, understated embellishments, a restrained colour palette and a focus on function. the best examples of this style of kitchen we see today are on TV programmes such as ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ and all the other British period dramas we binge watch on a Sunday evening.

If this Georgian period style catches your eye, we at Robert Pallant Designs have some great tips, ideas and kitchen inspiration for you, as well as providing this style of kitchen in our collection!

1. Keep colours simple.

Up until the early 20th century, kitchens were made for domestic staff and therefore painted for functionality rather than to ‘wow’ us with bold, bright colours. When considering your traditional style kitchen, neutral colours are the best, all painted one colour with a matte finish.

At Robert Pallant Designs all of our kitchens come in a range of colours and finishes, contact us to find out more! 

2. Use traditional, plain materials.

We suggest marble, stone or wood for your worktops, this natural long-lasting material will bring a rustic feel to your kitchen. Pairing this with reclaimed hardware, brass, iron or restoration glass accessories/appliances will look stunning and timeless.

Robert Pallant Designs will help you create your own unique style of kitchen from cupboards to finishings, contact us today for a consultation and get your dream kitchen underway. 

3. Focus on functionality.

During the 18th century workers did not care for symmetry in the kitchen, what was more important was how they used their kitchen and how accessible it was. We suggest clever storage options that tie in with your design, simple and elegant.

At Robert Pallant Designs we know that you spend the most of your time in your kitchen, from nightly cooking to dinner parties it is the heart of your home, let us help you boost the functionality of your kitchen with our innovative ideas and user-friendly appliances! 

4. Add an island.

Whether raised up off of the floor on legs full-height, a sizeable centre island was the workhorse of the kitchen. “Many of our [islands] are based on examples from the grand English homes which were, in effect commercial kitchens,” says Merlin Wright, design director for Plain English. “They would typically have had large preparation tables in the middle of a room that was lined with drawers, cupboards and sinks.”

Robert Pallant Designs has a large range of island designs to suit your style, whether it be traditional or more modern, we can help you design and create your own unique kitchen you will love! Contact us today. 

If any of our ideas/tips inspire you to create your own traditional English kitchen in honour of St. Georges Day, browse our collection of kitchens to find your style and contact us today to book your consultation1 alternatively visit our showroom in Poulton Industrial Estate!