Handleless Kitchens Blackpool

Robert Pallant Designs have 20 years of experience in the design, supply and installation of prestige kitchen and living spaces. Our refreshing approach is to ensure that each unique design is individually tailored to suit your particular needs and budget. Down to the very finest of details, we source your kitchen from only the most credible manufacturers and suppliers from around the world!

Handleless kitchens are now becoming very sought after throughout homes in the UK and are now the ultimate upgrade to have with a modern or contemporary kitchen design. As the handles are not visible, your kitchen will appear neat,  tidy and clutter-free. Handleless kitchens are sleek and yet very practical and will appeal to those who want clever storage solutions and added or hidden space.

At Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool, we are a leading specialist when it comes to kitchens and can offer you a wide variety of handleless kitchens with different features such as; handleless kitchen cabinets, doors, drawers and also furniture which we can supply and install for you to the highest of standards.

Some of the key features of a handleless kitchen are the minimalistic styles and great space optimization. Handles can make a kitchen look cluttered and very messy, they can also be quite troublesome as clothing and bags can catch on them. Handles can pose a big potential risk, especially to small or young children. They are at great risk of being injured by protruding handles and it is very easy for them to bang their heads or catch their arms on the handles. Toddlers and babies can also pull themselves up on cabinet handles and get injured or trap their fingers, they can also gain access to inside the cabinets; this could expose the children to sharp objects or dangerous chemicals or substances which are stored away. Because of these risks, most families with children are now opting for a handleless kitchen design to tackle the above issues and to ensure that their new kitchen is stunning, functional and also safe for all of the family to use on a day to day basis.

Here at Robert Pallant Designs, we have many years of knowledge and a wealth of experience in providing our customers with stunning, high-quality kitchens. We are happy to help you when choosing the perfect kitchen for your home. We believe that our clients come first and we work closely with you to envision your kitchen idea right from the start. We will discuss the functionality of your new kitchen and determine what your kitchen will be used for. Your kitchen is the heart of your home and should be enjoyed for many years to come, we want to help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality.

We specialise in shaker kitchens, German kitchens, Contemporary kitchens, and Traditional kitchens, covering  Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. Whatever your kitchen enquiry, Robert Pallant is here to help and can work with any budget, so please feel free to come and see us today.