A recent cleaning phenomenon has come over us all this summer and it’s in the shape of Mrs Hinch!

Mrs Hinch has made herself a household name by making cleaning fun, cheaper and more rewarding! As a kitchen company, we know how important it is to keep your kitchen looking as new as possible for as long as possible. We wouldn’t want your new Schüller kitchen to get bogged down with grease and stains from dinner the night before. So, with the new trend this summer we have put together some of our favourite ‘Hinching’ tips to keep your new kitchen sparkling for longer!

The Spotless Sink

Unblocking your sink and having it smell fresh again could not be easier, Mrs Hinch suggests popping some soda crystals down the plug hole, followed by a bit white vinegar. Once it has stopped fizzing, she puts in a capful of her favourite disinfectant (Zoflora) and leaves for five minutes. Next, she pours down a full kettle of boiling water to get rid of the soda crystals.

Now your plug hole is clear and smelling fresh, Mrs Hinch moves on to her signature sparkling sink. to achieve this she uses a mix of Pink Stuff, Pine disinfectant (with her Minky) and finishes it off with Cif stainless steel, leaving it on for ten minutes and then wiping away with her microfibre cloth – sparkly!

The Floor 

Using her trusty Vera (the Vileda spray mop) she uses diluted Zoflora mix to mop floors, this works on laminate or tiles! 

For a deeper clean she uses a microfibre mop and bucket. 

The Work Tops  

Starting off by hoovering her worktops, especially right into the corners, she even shakes the toaster to get all of the bread crumbs out. She then uses her trusty Zoflora mix, which she prays all over her worktops and then wipes away. The key to keeping them new is to do it every day before bed, cleaning away the days mess and leaving your sides clean and smelling lovely! 

The Oven

For a basic oven clean, she takes the racks out and soaks them in washing up liquid and warm water.  Then roughly wipes them down with Cif Power and Shine.  Mrs Hinch then puts a tea towel on the floor and opens the oven, using a generous dollop of Pink Stuff on her Minky, which she’s dipped in a glass of warm water and washing up liquid wipes the oven to remove crumbs from the door and then rub the Pink Stuff in with Minky. 

Doing the same to the inside of the oven and leaves it for five minutes, she then goes back to the racks and uses Minky to rub excess Pink Stuff into them then leave.  With her Minky still a bit damp she rubs it all into the racks, squeezes it out and rubs it in again with a little water, rinses out Minky and uses the other side to get rid of all the Pink Stuff.

She then rinses her Minky again with no bubbles and uses it to finish wiping the oven, then dries with kitchen roll and makes sure all the seals are completely dry.

Finally, she sprays her oven door with pine disinfectant to clean the outside and rubs in with Minky. Then uses a white vinegar spray to clean the glass and rubs it all in with Minky, getting rid of the bubbles in the sink and rinse racks.  Using an oven liner in the bottom of the oven to catch the dirt and wipes down with a damp Minky on both sides and then leaves to air dry.

Now we know how to keep our kitchens looking newer for longer, isn’t it time to upgrade your kitchen so you can try out these top tips!

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