Now Christmas is creeping up, it’s time to polish up the decorations and get your house looking festive. Ignore what others say, it’s never to early to have a Christmassy’ home. Let’s go though how to get your kitchen ready for Christmas.

Christmas Kitchen Colour Scheme 

Are you a red and white type of person or more a silver and shine? well, no matter what colour scheme you normally fall under for Christmas it’s easy to follow when it comes to spicing up your kitchen look.

A simple question to ask yourself, how do you know somebody celebrates Christmas? all the Christmas colours.

An example of using your colour scheme to fill up your kitchen is the image to the right, a modern and clean kitchen using tinsel and colours to make the feel a little more festive.

It all comes down to personal preference on what colours to use but just think of the little things you could do to make a big impact, the type of mugs you have on the counter, what colour are your napkins, if you don’t want to get that far why not incorporate some tinsel, maybe a mini fake tree, even add some baubles around on the sides and get your kitchen feeling all festive.

Seasonal Storage is the way to go!

Have you got any containers on the counters, maybe tea, coffee, cakes or just storage units? Why keep them plain? Yes it looks amazing and you can have some incredible modern and new kitchens however with the Christmas kitchen spirit on the way then make sure to crack out the festive storage.

As simple as using mason jars with fairy lights in, or even if you want to take a more practical approach take a jar with a red lid and use the space to put coffee in or anything else taking up space. The subtle changes all impact the hearty feel of your new kitchen designs.

As you can see on the image to the left, on a simple counter all the accessories and seasonal storage containers make a huge impact on the outcome of your Christmas vibe.

Take a look at some of the Kitchen transformations we have done before you start with your mini deco transformation.

Smells a million times nicer

Something so subtle, you cant always see what causes it but changes the whole mood of your kitchen is the smell. Try incorporating some seasonal smells into your home and then you will feel Christmas ready. Here are some methods to add some seasonal smell into your kitchen.

  1. Do a little baking, as much as it is fun, it is tasty, as much as it is tasty, it is smelly. But in a great way! Try some gingerbread, they really add an amazing smell.
  2. Place some pines and seasonal plants around, even things like cinnamon in a mason jar, all the little feature together make a really homely and enjoyable environment.

Something great to know about baking, you can have some incredible produce on display aswell! spice up your kitchen even more.

Enjoy a fresh kitchen entirely 

Whats the waiting for? no better way to celebrate Christmas time than getting a new kitchen.

Take a look at some incredible transformations and work we have taken out.

Fancy a stunning modern kitchen yourself?

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