As time goes on and the human population grows, it is important to do our part to save the planet.
Here we have a few tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly!

1. Save water. Don’t wash up.

We suggest you let the pots and pans pile up to the point you’re wondering if you’ll ever find your favourite mug again. Then, and only then, you can load all of this into a dishwasher, press the start button and have a brew.

A fully loaded dishwasher is more water efficient than washing by hand, even if you’re using a washing up bowl!

Have a look at our range of dishwashers and become more eco today!

2. Help the bees. Stop mowing the lawn.

Looking over at your neighbours yet again burning their pale shoulders to butcher every living thing in their garden is tiring to even look at!

So what can an eco-friendly phenomenon like yourself do? absolutely nothing, pull up a chair, grab a cocktail and watch your grass grow!

Leaving even a small patch of your garden to grow wild can help pollinating insects such as bees, thrive!

3. Stop plastic waste, sucker.

Grab me a drink waiter! But hold the straw, sucking is too much hard work anyway.

Billions of plastic straws are thrown away each year, contaminating our seas and rivers and putting wildlife at risk.

Say no to the plastic stirrer whilst you’re at it, like Bond said, shaken not stirred.

4. Support clean energy. Don’t build a windmill.

Put down the tool kit, we both know you are better off in your kitchen learning how to bake the new Mary Berry recipe you saw on TV last night,

Switch to renewable energy instead. Lie back and watch it happen in as little as 5 minutes. No disruption to your supply and no engineers asking you to make tea.

Let us know if you have any top tips to make a more eco-friendly home!