We know that your kitchen is the heart of the household, it is where we spend most of our time. Between cooking weeknight meals, Sunday meal prep or hosting a party for friends, we live most of our lives in this part of the house, so why not keep it up to date and with trends this year?

Here are a few ideas to keep your kitchen in style this 2019!

1. The Backsplash Feature Wall

According to the home design pros on Houzz, kitchen backsplashes are making a huge statement this year, designers are extending the simple pop of tile above the counter all the way up to create a gorgeous feature wall.

Check out our mosaic style feature wall that you can shop and find now in our Contemporary Kitchens range!

2. Moody Hues

Dark colours are making a comeback this year, “Clients are starting to lean away from the trending grey of the past years and into the navy palette, especially paired with gold hardware and fixtures,” explains Layne Brookshire, a Trulia Design Panel expert and founder of Ms Placed Professional Organising in Austin. Alongside navy, black and forest green are also set to be on trend this 2019, if you want some inspiration to have a look at our Contemporary Kitchen range.

3. Pink Kitchen Cabinets