What is New Home Owners Day?

There’s a time in all our lives when we decide to fly from the nest or release yourself from the monthly rent monster and we venture into the property ladder. Today is a celebration of this monumental life event and those who are brave enough to take the plunge into private home ownership. Whether you buy your first property for real estate, to pass on to your children or to house said children, it definitely is something to celebrate!

History of New Home Owners Day

It has been a dream of families to own their own spot since the stone age where we would claim our very own cave! A space that is our very own, a sanctuary where we are kings and queens of our castle, rather than simply renting fro another. Whether you have to settle on a small rural lot in a tiny town, or a sprawling estate in lush forests, buying your first home is always a reason for excitement. Buying your second is a cause for celebration! There’s just so much to do when you’ve become a new homeowner. 

You now have to decide how to decorate, if you’re going to remodel or maybe simply sit back and enjoy your dream purchase. Either way, New Home Owners Day celebrates the journey you’ve begun and the one you will follow as long as you own your home!

How to Celebrate!

So now you’ve settled into your dream home, its time to celebrate! Treat yourself to that dream kitchen you’ve always wanted or that stunning bedroom you’ve imagined lounging in. We all know that the house warming party is a MUST, and you definitely want to impress your school friends and mother in law, so pop down to Robert Pallant Designs for that show stopping home you’ve always dreamed of!

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