We at Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool know that when it comes to kitchens you want the best, Robert Pallant Designs have a brand new range from kitchen giants Schuller, Next 125.

We want to show you one of our favourite styles from the range, the NX 960, a beautiful ceramic graphite and wood combination that would suit every home.

‘The dialogue between the dark front in Ceramic marble nero effect and warm wood creates an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a chic bar. Particularly the floating, backlit shelf element perfectly underscores the impression, just as the wall-mounted base units that emphasise the horizontal axis. Their finely marbled surface gives them a particularly exclusive, quality look. The deliberately chosen chunky worktop adds character and underscores the solid look. There must, of course, be no lack of clever details, such as the innovative drawer interior organisers in moulded nonwoven material which are particularly kind on cutlery. The internal drawers preserve the calm look of the front panel architecture. The light-footed cooking table with its ceramic worktop provides the perfect workstation for gourmands with a penchant for things that are different.’

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