With the new year approaching and the cold weather on its way, updating your bedroom is a must! Get it ready with Robert Pallant Designs design tips to help you create your dream bedroom! 

Keep the Colour Palette Light

 Keep your bedroom a relaxing sanctuary with a neutral and light colour palette, head for soft whites with a bit of warmth to keep the space from feeling too bare. Alternatively, pastel colours are great to keep a room light and colourful, this Kindred bedroom uses a combination of pastel pinks and greens to create a homely and spacious atmosphere.

Try White and Blue

 The calming colour combo was practically made for bedrooms. Whether you pair a preppy navy or a soft sky blue with crisp white, your look will be an instant classic. This Kindred bedroom design is available at Robert Pallant Designs and we think it is gorgeous! 

Mix Antique and Modern

If you like a mix of contemporary and traditional, or you just want to keep your bedroom from feeling monotone, try incorporating a mix of styles. Vintage more traditional pieces will add warmth and depth, whilst modern, sleeker furnishing will make sure the finished result isn’t stuffy or crowded. 

Have an Accent Wall

According to feng shui experts, the wall facing your bed is the most important wall in your entire home. To that end, painting it a calming color (being, lavender, blue, green or gray) can have a prodigious effect. Alternatively, creating a bold and abstract accent wall can draw the eye and create life in a room.