Quooker Instant Hot Water Taps at Robert Pallant Designs Blackpool

Useful technology is a staple in any modern kitchen in recent years, with instant hot taps being at the centre. Their practicality of having instant hot water, cold drinking water and adjustable tap head makes a Quooker tap a must have in any present-day kitchen. So, when buying a Quooker tap from Robert Pallant Designs there are three ‘S’s you need to consider…

Saving Space

Have you ever looked at your kitchen and thought that it looks cluttered? From the worktop appliances to the leftover crumbs from your husband’s breakfast, we could all do with a spring clean and clear out this summer. Robert Pallant Designs have great storage options for our Quooker tap range, compact storage heaters that are discreetly placed under your sink allow you that extra worktop space you need. Goodbye old, rusting kettle and hello sleek, sophisticated kitchen!

So Safe!

We know that it is a concern when installing an instant hot water tap,  the near boiling temperatures could be a safety issue for your family. However, at Robert Pallant Designs our customers are always our main priority,  knocked over kettles cause hundreds of casualties each year, especially for younger children, but thanks to Quookers childproof handle and insulated sides ensuring that it never feels hot to the touch. Creating a tap that has a fine spray like flow, means that you have eno9ugh time to get your hands out of harm’s way.

Super Speed

The dread of updating your home can linger over you and the thought of a long process of waiting for deliveries, to installation, to the cleanup is not pleasant. However, at Robert Pallant designs we can ensure a quick, professional and easy installation of a new kitchen and appliances. To find out more please CONTACT US and update your kitchen today!