Now that you have your brand new Robert Pallant Designs kitchen installed, with top of the range worktops, it is important to know how to take care of them!

Wood Worktops 

Most wooden worktops will wipe clean easily with a cloth and hot soapy water, for more stubborn stains you can use a very weak bleach solution in water, making sure you are careful not to clean away the colour of the wood.

Quartz Worktops 
A lot of our worktops can be cleaned with a cloth and hot soapy water, however, with tougher stains, you can add a small amount of surface cleaner on. Dry with a microfibre cloth and finish with glass cleaner to avoid streaks.

Laminate Worktops 
Regular cleaning with hot soapy water is required, to avoid streaking, remove all soap residue by spraying surfaces with a solution of warm water and vinegar and wiping clean with a rag. It is important to remember that laminate worktops are sensitive to water, so you must dry it completely after cleaning.

Granite Worktops 
Our granite worktops will require a little extra love to make sure they look good and last longer. After using your worktop, clean with hot soapy water and a microfibre cloth, you will need to regularly apply a granite cleaner and dust to keep it shiny!

Avoid bleach and any acidic products like vinegar or lemon juice.

To have your very own Robert Pallant Designs worktop get in touch today and add the special finishing touches to your dream kitchen.